Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Mess With The (Wall Street) Bull, You Get The Horns

It's about time.   (Also, I don't think any corporation had anything to do with this, I just put that in to spite some folks). 

For all of the media's rhetoric about the "violent" nature of the Tea Party, I cannot recall a single time the riot police had to use flash bang grenades to clear granny and her tricorne hat off of the barricades.  Perhaps my favorite part is the screams of "medic!"  You are not in the military; there are no medics here.  Why there wasn't some noble minded protester there to help without charging a fee, well, I don't know. 

The police and locals are pretty much fed up with this.  If Occupy Wall Street movements in the nation do not start following health and permit laws, they can expect more.  And it is not police brutality.  You were in violation of the law and warned to leave.  Cops don't take well to people being belligerent. 

And right at the end, with the "we are the 99%" cheer, I really was hoping another flash bang would go off. 

Come up with a message and a plan so we can talk.  In the meantime, leave the parks and let sanitation crews (not to mention the freaking police and EMT folk) do their jobs. 

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