Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Are The 1%

From Economix Blog at the NYT.

I got bad news for everyone down protesting Wall Street: you are the 1%.  You are the most privileged people on Earth.  Even if you are downright poor by American standards, you are freaking rich compared even to the rich in many other places.  India, China, and Brazil are not exactly the most backward nations on the planet, either.  Hell, they are often tossed about as our competitors and maybe even future superpowers.  More than half of Americans live in that top 10% percentile of wealthiest people in the world. 

Every time you point a finger up and demand those above you in life pay more, remember that there are billions under you also point a finger upwards.  To them, you are the rich. 

Also, by this standard, inequality is pretty freaking flat in the United States.

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