Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not 99% of Locals

The Occupy Wall Street protests are entering their third week at Zuccotti Park.  It appears that the General Assembly, which is praised by many in the movement for being a competent governing, broad based democratic body, has failed to include a place for everyone to go to the bathroom.  Local stores are closing their restrooms due to property damage, which apparently makes the protesters mad.  Local residents are also tired of having their lives disrupted; parents of newborns have a pretty legitimate gripe against protesters banging drums throughout the night.  

Where is the General Assembly to keep order and provide bathrooms without freeloading on businesses?  Have there been no working committees on this?  Will they repay for damages done to small business owners?

This movement absolutely must transform itself into something productive with at least somewhat clear aims and plans if it is to be seen as anything other than petulant children having a month long hissy fit while free loading off of the backs of locals.  Even if the gripes of this group are legitimate (a good debate for another time I would love to have), this movement does nothing to make Wall Street or Washington care.  Angering locals by shutting down bridges and making residential areas intolerable may get you in the news, but it's also going to make you a lot of enemies out of people who are unquestionably not the "1%." Costing citizens another $2,000,000 in overtime for cops isn't helping things.  

The last thing this group can afford is confirming images that these people are dirty, stinky, freeloading hippies without a message.  Not having bathrooms or a message but being loaded with random topless women won't confirm the seriousness of this movement to 99% of Americans. 

UPDATE:  Just to drive the point home.  Nothing says clean, safe, and mature like crapping on a police cruiser. 

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