Sunday, October 9, 2011

Update on Occupy Wall Street

So this morning, it appears the Occupy Wall Street people continue to mill about in their park. 

Um...hmm.  This is making a very short blog post.  So...yeah, I don't know.  Reading Caesar's account of the Roman Civil War, so far I liked the Gallic War more but I haven't quite gotten to the conflict in Greece yet. 

Some football today.  Haven't seen any yet this year, what with the working and whatnot.  In fact, today is my first straight up day off in a solid month. 

Ok, seriously, do something Occupy Wall Street!  Give me something to talk about.  I freaking read Aristotle and Plato and Caesar for funsies, if you are boring me that's not a good thing.  The Tahrir Square protests were exciting because those people were putting their lives on the line, rallying against an authoritarian power who made it clear the protesters did not have the government's blessing to assemble.  Downtown New York isn't exactly the same thing.  Can't even follow on twitter anymore because it is always the same nonsense about you being the 99%, which I might add isn't exactly (or even remotely) true.   

A lot of wishy washy calls for "real democracy" and "change the world" without ever actually doing anything.


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