Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Daily Snark 8/13

Apparently, we need yet another analysis of the game of Monopoly. Nothing that should surprise anyone at all familiar with the game, but I'm going to be snarky about this comment:

For others, it's a Machiavellian affair that tosses love and loyalty aside in favor of a capitalistic bloodlust where there is but one goal: Drive mom, dad, grandma and weird Uncle Steve into bankruptcy as soon as possible.
Sigh...the most significant aspect of capitalism is personal choice. If Monopoly was capitalistic, you would choose on which property you wished to land on. You would always pay the lowest possible rent and no monopolies would ever be formed. In fact, the only way Monopoly works as a game is because you are forced to buy from other people against your wishes.

You know, like ObamaCare.

Anyway, it's my experience that you want to get your hands on the orange and red properties. The green properties are expensive and don't pull their own weight; the dark blue's are similar but at least you only have two to develop there. Use utilities as trading pieces. Always look for trades. More than anything else, that is the key, finding someone you can trade with to build a monopoly before other people can. Never let just one person have a monopoly.

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