Monday, August 1, 2011

The Daily Snark 8/1

"Extortion politics" rails Steven Benen at Washington Monthly. I don't think people understand what "extortion" means. The Tea Party is not taking property or threatening people; in fact, their singular goal is to reduce how much coercion the government inflicts upon citizens via taxation and regulations.

The people who are demanding we take more from rich people, and if they refuse to put them in prison, they are extortionists.

Anyway, Benen's point is rather ridiculous. His idea of "old fashioned" ways of doing things is perfect for maintaining government power and protecting bureaucracies. No wonder he wants to keep doing things that way. The Tea Party won the election on a mandate to reduce government influence in our lives. If the Democrats insist on standing in the way, cutting off funding is a perfectly legitimate way of forcing the Left to the table in order to negotiate. We are not required to fund the American Left's wet dreams. If the Left will not modify them, we will remove them entirely.

Maybe, just maybe, the Left should consider negotiating some reductions in government power.

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