Friday, August 12, 2011

The Daily Snark 8/12

Low hanging fruit. I should be ashamed about even picking this as my snark target for today.

And then I realize, oh my God, the majority of Americans who voted in 2008 picked this guy.

Nothing is wrong with out political system, per se. It was designed, intentionally, to be slow and deliberative. We are supposed to air our differences and move forward where consensus can truly be found.

You'll note, that doesn't leave a lot real estate in the middle ground on which we can move forward together. Certainly not enough to run an economy from Washington. But then, that was never the idea, either.

In light of that fact, statements like "start passing some bills that we all know will help the economy right now" appear ridiculous. I don't know of any bills existing that everyone knows will help the economy. When Republicans and in particular Tea Partiers say more government spending will not improve the economy, we're not playing politics. We actually mean that.

This isn't a game and neither side is really "playing politics" here. Both sides have principles they wish to defend; those principles are nearly diametrically opposed to each other. There is no middle ground on which to compromise. On those issues which nearly everyone does agree on, progress is made, quietly and without much fanfare.

If the President has a plan, I should like to hear it. If he has a strong case to make for more government spending, something other than "it works, don't ask for proof," I should like to hear it. What I am tired of hearing is our "leader" complaining the opposition will not capitulate on demand.

Mr. President, we will not quit the field just because you cry about how we won't let you have your way. It is your responsibility to provide an outline as to what that plan might actually be, in detail, and reasons why we should believe it will work. Mind you, this plan must be in line with justice rather than class warfare. That is the only realistic way to win from a position of elected office in this nation. You don't have any real experience in that, but you should remember how easy it is to criticize from out of office. In 2008, you put on a clinic. Now you actually have to play defense. Man up and do so, or announce that you will not seek reelection.

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