Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Don't Like "Centrists"

One thing I'm tired of hearing about is how "childish" everyone in Washington is behaving. From the way people talk about it, you would think there was an actual middle ground that would be reasonable for Congressmen and Obama to meet at and that they are just being babies by demanding no compromises.

This is centrist bullcrap. Both sides have principles. I disagree completely with those on the Left, but that doesn't mean they are unprincipled in this case. To ask somebody to give up on some of their principles is to ask them to do something they see as morally wrong. This is different from haggling over a price at a yard sale, where morality is not an issue.

Of course, if you ask that centrist where, exactly, those babyish politicians should meet, the most likely response will be as partisan as anyone in Washington. The second most likely response is to have no clue. Centrists usually tend to be partisans in disguise. Actual centrists are the people who shouldn't be voting; they have no principles at all and tend to vote based on very superficial inputs. If you think I'm wrong, ask some questions about that Centrist's principles. You'll find a lot of wishy washy crap about "how we all ought to get along" or how "we all should do what's best for the country." Apparently, those who are not Centrists are not doing that? Again, I disagree vehemently with the Left about what is best for the nation, but I don't generally doubt their sincerity in their beliefs.

Anyway, screw centrists. Man up and fly your colors. If you don't know what your colors even are, stay home and don't hurt yourself.

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