Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Daily Snark 7/27

Tom Friedman scares me. Well, his nearly unqualified support for Chinese dictatorship style government scares me. And his ideas that the government can make things right, that it is the solution rather than the problem, that scares me.

Today's no different. I like how, because Jefferson supported creating the University of Virginia (for the brightest, not for everyone, a point not mentioned by Friedman), it somehow means Tea Partiers should support a federal government spending over $3,700,000,000,000.00 annually. Also, its ok to compare political opponents to terrorists now? What about Gabby Giffords? Have we forgotten Gabby Giffords and the lessons about violent political rhetoric (that, incidentally, had nothing to do with the shooting but were still blamed on Republicans like Sarah Palin)?

I would like to see Tom's idea as to how to shrink entitlement programs. People who receive money from them tend to believe they are...oh, yeah, entitled to that money. Progressives have been saying for years that recipients are entitled to other people's money. Good luck backtracking on that one.

The Tea Party is the only sane group in the bunch. They are the only one's pointing out that $3.7 trillion in federal spending is too much and that just because you use the mechanism of government doesn't make theft acceptable. Taxes are morally wrong, always. It is the use of force to take property away from those who it rightfully belongs to.

But I think the most telling error Friedman makes can be found right at the get go. His answer to our problems would be, of all things, a government commission to try to figure out what kind of world we live in. Any libertarian can tell you that the government will never have enough information to figure out how best to run the world. There are no philosopher kings, nor philosopher commissioners. The best way to create progress would be to let each person seek that out for himself.

Leave us alone, Tom. Leave us alone, statists. You don't know what's best, so stop using force to impose your wildly ignorant ideas on the rest of us. Give freedom a chance.Link

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