Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Daily Snark 7/14

My rather extreme proposal for a debt commission is seeming more and more reasonable as our government fails to have enough in the coffers to get us past August 2nd. This particular debate scares me quite a bit, as I don't see any agreement being forthcoming. It is an ideological battle, a battle over morality (as I've said before, politics is an extension of ethics).

I'm willing to make ideological sacrifices in order to get us past this hurdle. I'm willing to see taxes go up, even to the tune of a trillion dollars over the next ten years, on the condition that they are spread out over all Americans rather than just imposed on the rich. A great many people who pay no taxes at all see this as an opportunity to take more of other people's money. If everyone has to pay for tax increases, the demand for more taxes will likely as not go down.

So, there's one sacred cow partially sacrificed. I'm also willing to see large cuts to the military, say upwards of $100 billion per year.

Now, what is the Left willing to give up? Link

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