Friday, April 29, 2011

The Daily Snark 4/29

Isaiah Berlin once used the analogy of the Hedgehog and the Fox to describe how people think. Dana Milbank attempted to make the case that Obama is a Fox who has thought himself into indecision. Let me offer a different possibility: Obama is a Lemming (I am basing this on my extensive research via Wikipedia). Group thinker without a real source of thought, the whole mass of Obama, his administration, and his supporters bounce from idea to idea without much logic and hope whatever they do will stick.

Think about this: one of the psychologists quoted by Milbank calls Obama "a brilliant social and political analyst." What, exactly, has the President done to deserve being called brilliant? He won the 2008 election, sure, but any Democrat with a pulse could have achieved that.

Milbank apparently went to the same school Detective Greenly attended.

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