Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Daily Snark 5/11

We are quickly approaching the 60th day of our attack on Libya. Surprising, huh? I'm attributing most of my surprise to the complete lack of coverage. Anyway, that 60 day mark is important, as is pointed out by Basically, either our part ends, or Congress has to approve of the conflict. Granted, the Obama administration completely ignored Section 2, so there is no real reason to believe he'll obey the law here, either. Granted, there is a fairly useless 30 day extension rule, but that just pushes the problem back another month; the conflict in Libya will not be over then, either.

This is why blogging is important. If I had to rely on CBS News to tell me this, I would never have found out. As much as I do follow and study politics, I don't necessarily brush up on the War Powers Act every day, so this little nugget would have escaped my attention.

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