Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Daily Snark 5/10

Washington is getting geared up for the debt ceiling debate. The White House is referring to Speaker Boehner as a "hostage taker." I could be wrong, but wasn't such violent rhetoric only the province of the Right? Please, remember Gabby Giffords!

Also, our debt is $14.2 trillion. The statists in the White House have increased spending by over $700 billion per year over the last two years. Perhaps cutting some of that spending may be a good idea. What makes me think that? The Stimulus. I can't think of any better evidence to prove that those who believe government spending is the answer are off their rockers. Their predictions were so far off base that it appears, by their own predictions, we would have been better off unemployment wise not doing the stimulus. Not to mention the hundreds of billions of dollars in debt we picked up paying for this extra unemployment.

But of course, cutting spending is extremist! I don't understand why anyone would seriously believe the government spending money is, in and of itself, somehow a moral obligation we all assumed by living.

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