Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Daily Snark 6/8

Someone in this nation seriously believes instantly jacking up gas prices by a $1/gallon overnight is a good idea? Yeah, that won't increase the prices of everything on people who can already not afford things. What wonders that will do for the economy! People like me can't afford to go and buy a new GM eco saver tomorrow, so this screws anyone not thinking about buying a car in the next six months, which is just about everyone.

You know who would make money? The guy proposing the tax, who just happens to be the CEO of GM. This is called corporatism, and it is a bad idea. As any libertarian worth his salt can tell you, government interference in the free market is a bad thing outside of protecting rights. Equal tax rates is as important as low tax rates.

Raising taxes to benefit a company that just happens to be partially owned by the federal government couldn't possibly be corrupt, right? This is the same organization that currently has $62 trillion in unfunded liabilities. That article is a must read. If any private company had such unreported liabilities, their CEO would be in jail for a very long time. For some reason, Uncle Sam gets to play by a different rule. Maybe, just maybe, that's because Uncle Sam is the rule maker rather than because of any legitimate reason.

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