Monday, March 28, 2011

The Daily Snark 3/28

Begging for excuses at The New Republic. It is odd how the Iraq War has suddenly disappeared from the Left's history books.

Americans are not "rallying around the flag" largely because we have no idea which flag we are supposed to be rallying under. Is this an American lead operation? United Nations? N.A.T.O.? Libya rebels? Why are we there again? Many Republicans did criticize this action, yes, but so did many liberals. Indeed, support or opposition on Libya doesn't fall into the left-right spectrum very well. Many on the right are ok with overthrowing Qaddafi but are unhappy with how we are going about it; many on the left are ok with the procedures but unhappy with getting involved in yet another war.

To pin a lack of sudden support for Obama on Republicans is rather ridiculous. Nobody knows what the President is doing, so it is difficult to support him. Moderates, those most likely to change their minds, are the most confused by this turn of events.

UPDATE 3/29: Just to prove my point, Pew points out that there is little partisan difference on whether striking Libya is wise or not.

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