Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm in a state of shock concerning the outrage coming from the Left over the Tuscon shooting. In a million years, I could not have imagined the outrage pouring out upon conservatives over a tragedy no conservative was involved with.

I cannot help but wonder how many of these people wanted a Democrat to be assassinated by the Tea Party. Once news was out that Giffords was shot, so many people went into knee jerk reaction that they immediately pinned this on Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, the Republican Party, etc.

Once it became known Loughner was not a conservative, these people had the option of eating crow or doubling down.

In defiance of all logic, common sense, and human decency, they opted to double down.

I'm actually stuttering as I type this. Do these people realize they are accusing innocent people of terrorism? By liberals own admission, the blamed parties had nothing to do with this incident!

What do you honestly hope to gain politically from the death of 6 people, including a 9 year old girl?

This is hate for the sake of hate.

As for those who claim "the political climate" is in any way relevant, I have these questions for you to answer:

1. Is there any evidence Loughner was influenced by the state of political dialogue?

2. Isn't the history of the United States full of such dialogue?

3. Hasn't the Left contributed mightily to this atmosphere, in particular during the Bush years?

4. Do you think you are helping the atmosphere by blaming conservatives for deaths they were in no way, shape, or form involved in?

Here is how I see this. Those blaming conservatives for an event liberals by their own admission admit was the act of a lone nutcase (who had no discernible ideology) are seeking to shut down debate on policy issues by demonizing the Right as the root cause of all evil, from nasty political discourse to random deaths.

Let me tell you now: we will not be silenced.

I also see the Left as trying to white wash their own despicable behavior by blaming the entire nature of political discourse on the Republicans. Paul Krugman straight out says that. This is the same man who was ok with hanging Senator Joe Lieberman in effigy. Krugman says Keith Olbermann is proof that liberals are more restrained. This would be the same Olbermann that labeled George W. Bush a fascist. Google the words "kill bush" and look at the images sometime. Then try to tell yourself that it is conservatives who created a climate of fear. While you are at it, look up the phrase "nazi bush." Of course, don't miss out on "nazi cheney."

I could go on for a very, very long time (some more examples here, again only a very small sampling compared to what is out there). To say almost all of the invective is coming out of the Right is an untenable position to hold for any thinking human being with any working memory of the last ten years. And yet that claim is being made to convince the public that the Left cannot be held accountable for harsh political debate.

If the Left shares as much responsibility for the political atmosphere as the Right does, than they are equally culpable to whatever extent that the atmosphere influenced Louchner.

Which, I might add, nobody has any solid evidence of.

To the moderates of this nation: the result of this insanity lies in your hands. If you do not stand up against those demonizing entire groups for the actions of a person not even belonging to that group, it will be seen as an effective political strategy. This incident will set precedent for future episodes.

The only person responsible for this tragedy is Jared Lee Loughner. Every conservative in this country gets that.

Why the anger at us? What is this really about?

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